Rostra Converse Bluetooth

Part #AM- 2507504SPLICE

Add a Bluetooth® Audio Streaming System to Your Car, Trucks, or SUV with Con-Verse.

Good driving requires two hands and our system allows you to interact with your mobile phone while on the road like never before! The Con-Verse Bluetooth® system gives you a link to your device via voice commands issued through the included auto-adjusting microphone that allows you to perform such common tasks as making a phone call, sending a text message, reading an email, starting or stopping your music, launching applications, finding local points of interest using the phone’s mapping software, and so much more.

Use the Con-Verse Bluetooth® system to issue commands to Siri on your iOS device similar to CarPlay, OK Google on your Android device, or launch the built-in voice command feature of any of a number of other phones and tablets. All of this functionality is just a button press away!

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