1. Charged Install Services warrants all workmanship for as long as the client owns their vehicles.

2. Should there ever be a concern with hardware or the installation before Charged Install will entertain re-imbursement of repairs, we require in reasonable circumstances to be allowed access to the vehicle to inspect / remedy the issue before any work is completed by anyone.

3. If warranty work is done where Charged Install Services Inc. is not at fault, then Charged Install cannot be expected to pay for any of these fees.

4. If client requests using another vendor for repairs, Charged Install requires a written and signed full detailed report with photos and reason why our work is the cause of the issue(s), prior to the repair taking place for consideration of warranty reimbursement.

Upon approval, Charged Install then requires a comprehensive report including photos of the completed work to be submitted for reimbursement.

•  In the case that work is done by an alternate vendor without written approval from Charged Install, the warranty will be null and void.

•  Any warranties for hardware distributed by Charged Install Services Inc. are subject to specific manufacturer warranty terms on such products.

•  All materials used by Charged Install Services Inc. are of industry standard quality.